Saturday, December 31, 2011

More comple update!

Still no Internet with my computer. I think it's a configuration issue between their wifi and my computer. Should of brought my Mac...tsk tsk. Today was a long. We had orientation all day today. Mostly going over information that we had our first semester in nursing school. Tomorrow we go out into the village and start the home visits. Basically we will e assessing living conditions, how many people live in each house, and if anyone is sick or has been sick recently. From there we will invite them into the clinic. Then work with the Dr (who is 24 years old, and pretty good looking, but married Mom) and help give the patients medications and other treatments.
I am having a great time but already tired of eating beans and rice and tortillas. I haven't really ventured out into eating a lot of foods yet but so far no one has gotten sick. They have a beer we had last night called Tona which to me tasted like half coors light and half pacifico. Not too shabby! Tonight, I think we will have a little of that!
Everyone have a great new years eve!

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