Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orientation Day

Yesterday was SO much fun.  It was a recreation day and we got to hike the volcano.  When we arrived at night, I never had imagined that this place was so beautiful.  On the bus ride over here it is mountains of green.  At the top of the volcano you can see Lake Managua.  I took a lot of pictures, I wish I could post them.  I know we are going to be going to the beach on the 5th of January (Mom´s Birthday).  That should be a lot of fun.  Today, we are going to have an orientation at 10 and then meet one of the doctors from 1to 5.  We will be having dinner at 10pm tonight at the hotel for new years.  We will participate in Nicraguan tradition of burning of the past year.  I am not sure on all of the details about that but it ought to be interesting.  Tomorrow, we start out clinicals.  Overall, it has been wonderful and extremely fun.  I never thought I would see some of the things that I have seen and the conditions that some people live in.  The person that is in charge of our group (Pavil) said that the annual salary for nurses here is 3,000 dollars per year.  The average income overall per month of the country is 150 dollars.  CRAZY.  But last night we went out to eat, and a beer cost me a mere 1.25.  I don´t believe I have ever gotten one for that cheap.  Anyway, hope all is well.  Love you.

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  1. Clearly you have never been to Dollar Beer night at Cain and Abels... hehe. Im so glad you are having a blast.