Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beach and now disco

The beach was amazing today.  We had so much fun.  When we got there we went staight to the water.  The water felt so good because it was so hot outside.  It is crazy that we are swimming in January and the water was not cold.  It was refreshing!  We ended up renting two surfboards for 30 dollars for the whole day.  The guy said that he would give us the lessons for free with the boards.  I went with Brittany though because she knows how to surf so we went ahead and took the boards out.  It was pretty easy.  I managed to kind of stand up on my very first try.  Some of the waves were a little unpredictable but overall they were pretty good to learn on.  Got a little beat up trying to figure out where my weight needed to be on the board.  I am so use to wakesurfing and keeping weight forward and on the longboards if you do that you face dive into the wave.  But I could definately do surfing everyday, all day.  We also got to play soccer on the bead. OUT.OF.SHAPE. It was so so so much fun.  I actually did pretty well, as I was sucking in air trying not to die.  We also rented 4-wheelers for 10 dollars for 30 minutes.  That was pretty fun, not as much fun as the dirt bikes though.  But for 5 dollars split price, you might as well enjoy it!  We all got a lot of sun today.  We really didn´t realize it until we we got out of the shower.  So hopefully I will come back a little more tan than when we left.  We had dinner back at the hotel when we got back from the beach.  OH...the road to the beach.  It was about an hour and a half drive and the beginning of the road was ok as we were driving through Managua.  But once we got out of the city limits, it was bumpy, with pot holes about 1X2 feet across and about a foot deep.  You pretty much drive all over the road trying to dodge the holes.  The driving and honking here still amazing me.  We wake up in the morning to horns honking like muscial instruments, a cow that appears to be in distress based on his moo, and birds screaming.  I was thinking that as much as these people use their horns (I would think maybe at least once every 30 seconds), they have to be replaced or go out at sometime?  We are leaving in 20 minutes to go to a disco (dance club).  As tired as I am right now, I had to join the group and go.  I wasn´t going to go but then I was thinking when is the next time I am going to be in Nicaragua and go to a dance club?  It is going to be a LONG time...Maybe? 
Oh another thing, I guess 85,000 is a lot of money for a house here in Nicaragua.  But you can buy the land right on the beach and build a really nice house here for about that much money.  You can buy an island for about 250,000, too.  Crazy...
Anyway, have to go.  Not quite sure on the internet in Costa Rica.  We leave at 5 am so if you don´t hear from me in a while that is why.  Hope everything is going well at home!  Please drink all the starbucks, diet dr. pepper, and hamburgers that you can for me!  I am dying for all of the above.  I swear I have turned into beans, rice, and tortillas.  Much love, XOXO

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