Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Piñata party!!!

Today was a blast! We did clinic in the morning. We saw only about 7 patients the whole morning. When we were finished we walkEd around the community inviting the children to the piñata party. The look in their eyes immediately changed when they found out what we were doing. They said that they were so so ao excited. We went back to the school where clinic has been held quickly had lunch and began setting up for the party. Kids started trickling in and soon the whole school was filled with children. They were so happy! They would run up and give us huge hugs. I was joking around with Emily (one of the girls who is staying in room) that I have had been kissed more times during today than my whole life. The boys would run up and kiss our cheeks (cultural custom). The first time I was taken a little bit off guard but them realized it was happening to all the girls. We played catch with the football, danced, played games, and did the pinatas. I have had so much fun. It is so rewarding. It was very hard to say good bye to the community today. They were asking when we were coming back. It was hard to tell them that we didn't know when we were coming back.
Over the past three days we have built a relationship with the translators, doctors, and staff. It was hard to say goodbye to the physicians. They told us we were their favorite team ever and were so proud of us. They told us that we will do very at our jobs, wished us good luck and it's not a good bye it's a see you later. Ironic because that is one of my favorite sayings. They told us we always had a place to stay of we wanted to visit and tour guides. They are truly very special people. The doctors were telling us that doctors and nurses in Nicaragua are the least paid profession in Nicaragua as far as adequate government professions. Hard to believe because in the USA we are paid very well.
So after our goodbyes with the doctors we headed out to Granada. Granada is on lake Nicaragua. It is a fresh water lake that has bull sharks. It was a colonial town established in the 1500s. It was beautiful. We walked on the beach and around town. The girls stopped to get ice cream. I about fell over with how cheap ice cream is. A sundae for instance was 30 cordobas which is just over one dollar. Two scoops was less than a dollar. At cold stone you would pay 8 bucks! Crazy!
Anyway, I can't wait to be able to post pictures from today when I get home! They are amazing. But we are headed to the beach tomorrow. We are going to do surfing lessons tomorrow. It's only 20 dollars supposively so I am so so excited! We will be on the pacific side! Let you guys know how it goes tomorrow!

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  1. Gelato..?! Hehe! You will be so awesome at surfing... love you be safe boo bear!