Monday, January 2, 2012

Ok last one for today!

The ladies that are giving birth or are in post partum have absolutely zero privacy. They breast feed, give birth in front of others, it is crazy. They reuse everything. There are 2 people in some of the beds. The hospitals are inside and outside. The windows are broken and there is no air conditioning. They are hot and that can't be good for infections. We saw a little baby on a ventilator and they don't have a thermal sheet to lay across the baby to keep the heat from the escaping. Instead the used a ziploc back over the baby to keep the heat in. As an incubator on another baby was a suitcase opened up with a mattress in it. Creativity is key here. The doctors are all very young.
After that we headed to the clinic and helped out. That was a frustrating but rewarding experience at the same time. The language barrier was difficult. I think the worse thing was that with some of the conditions we saw we didn't have the medications to give them fOr free. They still get a prescription for the medication but the likelihood of them being able to afford the medication or even transportation to the pharmacy won't happen. It breaks my heart knowing that there are simple things that could be prevented some diseases but they just don't have the knowledge or resources to be able to prevent it.
We saw the same family from yesterday. The girls are so wonderful and came up and played with us. The girl with cancer had a fever and start a chemo treatment tomorrow. So so sad. We told her she must go to the hospital tomorrow. The other sisters of her are in my pictures.
We went to the market today too to buy some gifts and what not. I got two shirts for 6 dollars. Overall it was pretty inexpensive. We had this little boy that approached me and said gringo I make you a flower, it's a gift. He made me one out of palm leaf. I tipped him what was about 20 cents and he was so excited. I assume he was homeless.
Great day overall!

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