Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clinic Day One

Today started out a little rough but ended up being a good day.  We woke up and had breakfast.  The lady that owns the hotel that we are staying at made the best french toast this morning I have ever had.  They have a different syrup here than we do in the States.  It is more thick and WAY more sugary.  It was really good.  We left at 9 to go to the clinic.  I was a little anxious to meet the doctors that we are going to be working with this week.  One was an older lady (maybe 40s?) and one of younger 30s.  They were really good.  When we showed up for the clinic there was no one there waiting for us, which was different because Nicaragua people were lined up to see us.  We ended up seeing a total of 35 patients today which is a record for one of the translators.  She told me that she has never ever had that many people in one day.  Props to us!  We ended up changing the way we were seeing people and we were able to see more people in a shorter amount of time.  It ended up picking up later in the afternoon.  Everyone seemed to show up right as we were picking things up, which kind of stinks because we wanted some down time today, and we didn't quite get that.  There were some personalities today from the kiddos at the clinic.  They are a blast.  As you can see from the pictures above they are so hard not just have such a great time with.  We played horsey ride, colored, and other things.  The time actually went by really quick.
I guess the whole deal with the orphanage isn't going to work out.  Something about in order to work with a goverment agency you have to have permission 2 months in advance.  Government, smothernment...So sick and tired so rules and regulations preventing us from helping out.
Looks like we will have another 2ish days of clinic.  It will be interesting to see tomorrow how many people show up for clinic.  We are trying to reorganize our schedule and get an extra rec day.  Somehow I doubt that will happen, but you never know.
For dinner tonight we went up on the mountain and overlooked the whole city of Heredia and San Jose. It was really pretty.  We almost made it for sunset, but with Costa Rica (Tica Time) and Nicaragua (Nica Time), you can always count on at least being 30-45 minutes later than the said time.  Definately no nose picking time!
Tomorrow, is clinic day!  Hope everything goes well!

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