Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Day in Costa Rica- Home Visits

I think this was the first day that I have had a little bit of a breakdown.  It was so hard to adjust to a change in new staff and a different community.  In Nicaragua everything surpassed my expectations.  The staff was so amazing, and that made Costa Rica's staff having some hard shoes to fill.  We went to a neighborhood that was supported by the government and they had cable, running water, and toilets that flushed in their houses.  Granit, there houses weren't great at all.  They were pieced together with metal, wood, and some had dirt floors.  I don't know why I am not thinking that seems not so primitive, but I guess when we compare it to what we saw in Masaya it isn't that bad.  I think that there is WAY more of a need in Nicaragua than in Costa Rica.  Almost everyone we saw today has insurance and government help.  I kind of feel like we are abandoning the Nicaraguan people because they really do need our help and were sick and a majority of the people we saw today weren't sick and didn't need to be seen at the clinic.  I am hoping that it is just a change and we are not use to these settings and it will just take some time to get use. 
Tomorrow we are going to do clinic and see how it goes.  We had dinner tonight with the owner of International Service Learning (ISL) the company we are doing this with, and expressed our concerns with Costa Rica and asked if we could go into an orphange and help the children there.  I really really want to do that.  I think that is what I have fallen in the love with here.  The children are so much fun.  I can't even put into words how much fun it is to see them look at you and smile.  They look at your with these huge brown eyes and it's like you want to give them everything.
I forgot to mention last night that we finally have hot water.  It felt to wonderful to stand underneath the water and actually enjoy a shower!  And I also got to shave these man legs that I have appeared from it being to cold in Nicaragua. 
Dinner tonight was the best every.  We went out to eat and I had chicken fajitas.  Again, beans and rice for lunch and dinner.  We got to stop at walmart this morning on the way to house visits to pick up some odds and ends.  Finally found a Dr. Pepper that I have been craving, however it was caffeine free.  It tasted a little different, I don't know if that is because I have been use to drinking diet dr. pepper and haven't had a regular one in a while.  We got to pick up some other snacks as well which is nice. 

We also got to tour downtown San Jose today. It is a mix between San Fran, Austin, and New York City.  Had the best Churos there!  So yummy!  We went to a market and I got a couple of other things.  Learning how to barter and talk them down in prices is a challenge.  I kind of learned today that once I found out the price, you act like you are not interested anymore and they will come to you and give you it for a dollar cheaper.  It's not like anything is SO expensive, but for some reason I have gotten cheap while being here.  I am complaining for paying over a dollar for a coke because in Nica it was less than a dollar.  Here in Costa Rica it is still cheaper than in the US so I am sure that I am in for a wake up call on Friday.
I am going to upload a couple of pictures from yesterday and today.

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