Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What happens in Nicaragua stays in Nicaragua except for....

Itch, itch, itch! We went to clinic today. They were waiting for us before we even got there. There was a long line of people. The same family fom the previous day and whom I have mentioned earlier was there. I believe that she was our third patient and she complained of an itchy head. My nightmare was coming true...what happens in Nicaragua stays in Nicaragua except for lice. Her head was covered with lice and eggs. As we had to try not to immediately start itching our own head because Sam and I were close with her and her family. The likelihood of us having it is probably pretty high. We are going to take a peek later tonight and of we do try and get some quail shampoo and get rid of them. I'm not sure if we have quail shampoo in the states but who knows! Let's just hope that we don't have it.
There were two beautiful little boys there today. So photogenic. I have some amazing pictures of them. One was 11 and complained of growing pains. I believe that it is a cultural saying. But he got some ibuprofen today and went on his way. We handed out stickers again for the kids and played jump rope with them too! They were so happy. We went to a house visit for a 90 year old woman we saw two days ago that couldn't make it out to the clinic. She is about 4 feet tall and super skinny with sagging skin. She didn't want us to see her today but her caregiver convinced her to let us come in and once she saw the doctor she was so happy we came by. Not because we were there to help her but because the woman thought the doctor was very handsome. She is right, and with 90 years she still had some "game". Haha. She was hitting on him and wanted to go dancing with him. It was hilarious. However she was really sick.
The thing about the doctor is he is my own age. He appears very mature in the clinical setting but then when he is just around us, he is like any other guy my age. Hard to believe he already has his medical license.
After clinic we went to the cheaper market. It is very sketchy. Learned how to talk prices down. Some of the jewelry is amazing there and super cheap. The money is hard to figure out because it is one dollar to 22 cordobas. So when they say something is 100 cordobas it's less than 5 dollars. But I picked up a couple of things and we were all escorted out back to the bus. Definately not a place I would want to be alone.
We finally for to eat American food. We went to papa johns for dinner. I of course can't really have pizza but was able to have spegetti which was a nice change from beans, rice, and tortillas.
Tonight we has two seminars. We briefly reviewed injections and learned how to suture. It was pretty easy just like sewing. So Katie, if you need stitches ever, I can fix you up ;) haha. Tomorrow we have clinic in the morning and then are throwing a party for the children in the afternoon. We have three pinatas and a lot of candy. We also have a bunch of games and other stuff to play with the kids.
We are trying to talk to the director in costs rica and try and see if we can go to an orphanage while we are there and spend time with the kids. It is by far one of my favorite experiences. Seeing how much they love seeing us and getting to play with them is do rewarding.

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  1. Boo Bear! How awesome are you?! Keep posting so i can keep telling everyone all the great things you are doing! And i will never let you sew me up. No thanks love.... be safe love you!